A mobile gaming industry veteran, Ralph started FLARB LLC in 2001 as one of the very first developers and publishers of mobile games in the US.  FLARB developed and published a deep catalog of feature phone games around the world including the US, Latin America, Europe, Korea, China, and Japan.

PresencePlay was founded in 2010 as a venture aimed at the new generation of mobile and social games using both virtual goods and location based platforms.  PresencePlay is a new way to monetize games on social networks by bringing the real world into the game world and monetizing that engagement.

Ralph has a BSCS from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and has worked as a programmer and designer on major console and PC games at such companies as IonStorm and Neversoft.  Ralph has also been a speaker at GDC and has had a few books published on the subject of mobile games development.

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